Trello’s Swiss Army Knife

Trello is a fantastic tool to organize your thoughts and todo items, and to collaborate with others on projects.
But Trello’s lists and cards are missing some important features to let them really shine.
The Trello Cards Optimizer (TCO) is a Chrome extension that adds those features, and it’s free!

The Trello Cards Optimizer Chrome extension allows you to create richer boards and card descriptions and comments.
It supports automatic card frontside coloring and formatting based on labels, and allows you to add extensive title markup, also including tags for a main title, subtitle, priority, starring and coloring.
In the card backside TCO supports markdown for tables and even code syntax highlighting and pasting formatted text from a range of applications.
These features are not only available in the description, but also in the comments!

TCO board example
Create a diversity of card appearances by just adding markup to the card titles

Combined with productivity features like optional removal of the Add New List column, clickable hyperlinks in titles, collapsing lists without cards, hiding lists and filtering cards and much more, TCO is an indispensable Trello enhancement.

This website describes all the features with some examples to get you started as quick as possible.
All features can be turned on and off in the Extension Settings dialog, and Trello Cards Optimizer settings can even be overruled per board.
The full help is also available in Trello by clicking on the TCO settings menu.

If you haven’t got TCO yet, install it from the Chrome Web Store and start optimizing your cards now!

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