Monthly Archives: September 2019

Version 3.25

Improvement TCO continuously monitors list and card changes, which could cause slowdown in drag operations. Now when you move a card, the lists will only be updated after you drop… Read more »

Version 3.24

Bugfix Lists with css styling “width:400px” or more in the “Color lists based on list names” didn’t show wider than 400px, due to Trello’s list styling.This has been fixed.NOTE: when… Read more »

Version 3.23

Feature Display of lists with sublevels in the description and comments are improved.Multiple lines do not contain whitespace below it anymore and there’s now some extra whitespace after the last… Read more »

Version 3.22

Bugfix The Remove, Cancel and Save buttons in the TCO settings popup were positioned below eachother instead of next to eachother.

Version 3.21

Bugfix TCO didn’t work in the ‘My cards’ section, and stopped working in boards after ‘My cards’ had been selected.This has been fixed.

TCO’s brand new website!

I just finished creating this website for TCO and I’m happy to expose my Trello extension to the online community.Hopefully you all like the site and especially the TCO extension…. Read more »