Version history

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The version history for previous versions is listed below:

Version 3.20
New website
  • There’s an official website for TCO!
    You can visit it by clicking on the TCO icon on the top right of the Chrome browser or browse directly to

Version 3.19
  • Up until now the numbers of completed and total check items were red as long as not all items on the checklists were completed.
    Now you can enabled or disable this behavior in the global extension settings (this is global only, just as the back card width).

Version 3.18
  • Checked and cleaned up the TCO help in both the Tco settings window and Trello’s own Formatting help window (available during card description editing).
    Help now describes all TCO’s features and offers a lot of examples.
  • When using c:colornameorhexvalue in a column definition, this could also set alignment due to the : in this markdown.
    This has been fixed.

Version 3.17
  • Enhanced list styling
    You can define background colors or even css styles for lists based on the list name (enter multiple list names separated by a | ).
    If you just specify a colorname, it is used as the background color.
    But if you want to use css styles, you must specify them between double quotations marks.

    inbox=paleturquoise, todo=powderblue, busy|doing=gold, ready=lightgreen, info=”width:150px;background-color:cyan;border:2px dotted black”
    If you specify a css with a ‘width:###px’, the list is excluded from the ‘Collapse empty lists’ and ‘Automatically resize lists if possible’.

Version 3.16
  • When pasting multiple lines in a new checklist item the normal Trello behavior of creating multiple items didn’t work anymore.
    Now the new multiple lines method in a new single checklist item is only used when you press the Shift-Enter key at least once.
    Otherwise pasting multiple lines in a new item will use Trello’s default behavior.
    (Sorry for publishing 3.15 too soon 😉

Version 3.15
  • You can now type multiple lines in a checklist item by using the Shift-Enter key.
    As soon as an item contains more than one line, the normal Enter key performs like the Shift-Enter. You have to save changes by clicking the Save button.
    For items not containing multiple lines the Enter key saves the item as usual.

Version 3.1
  • Full help is now available in the TCO settings window, accessible by clicking on the Tco logo on the top-right of a board (next to the + button).
    On the top-right of the TCO settings window you can click the ‘Help’ link.
    You can find this also in the Formatting Help window (button available on the bottom right of the description during editing).
  • After adding a label or changing something except the title, an exclamation mark icon could sometimes disappear.

Version 3.00
  • Due to a change in Trello’s under the hood code collapsing of empty lists had glitches.
    This has been fixed.

Version 2.99
  • Due to a change in Trello’s under the hood code the table markdown and script highlighting in the card description didn’t work anymore.
    This has been fixed.

Version 2.98
  • When ‘autoresize lists’ is checked, the list could potentially get a very small width if there were many lists and/or a small window width.
    Now lists have a minimum width of 200 pixels, after which the board will get a horizontal scrollbar (as per the usual Trello method).

Version 2.96
  • Tables are now default maximum 250 pixels high to prevent tables with lots of rows to fill up the screen (and then some).
    For larger tables a vertical scrollbar is shown, so you can scroll through the rows in the table.
    If you want to see the full table without scrolling (for instance for printing), click on any of the column headers.
    Each click toggles between showing the full table and the default maximum height.

Version 2.95
  • Sometimes sorted list doesn’t sort properly after changing cards priority or main title.

Version 2.94
  • sticky cards (with a . as first character) now have a double gray border to let them stand out
  • unordered or ordered list items within a list do not have extra vertical spacing anymore

Version 2.91
  • In sorted lists sometimes the order of cards with the same main title was wrong
  • When adding main title to card title, main title separator didn’t immediately appear

Version 2.90
  • The c:anycolornameorhexvalue markup didn’t work in this specific title markup:
    My card header | [my card subtitle] c:anycolornameorhexvalue
New features
  • Colored tables
    You can now set the background of table cells the same way you set the background of a card in a list.
    So if you add c:anycolornameorhexvalue to the text in a table cell or header, the background will be colored.
    If you add this to the text in a column definition, it becomes the default for all colomns.
  • Hex values for text colors
    With the <c:anycolornameorhexvalue Color this text> you can set the forecolor of text, even in table cells.

Version 2.85
  • Since 2.83 cards below a card with a hyperlink sometimes didn’t display anymore.
    Thanks for posting this bug Susan and Robert!

Version 2.84
Minor bugfix
  • Since 2.83 sometimes title headers were displayed in sorted lists although ‘group cards on title headers’ was checked.

Version 2.83
  • Total number of stars now also takes filtering into account.
  • When used in combination with Plus for Trello, long lists with Plus hours get redrawn every few seconds.
    If there are many cards in a sorted list and you scroll down, this redraw caused the list then automatically to jump to the top.
    Sorted lists now only redraw if something has really changed, instead of a redraw on Trello or extension events.
  • Faster screen drawing and smaller timeout after changes.
    Note: Please let me know if this causes any problems (you can post a bug on the TCO public board!).
New features
  • Pro for Trello points format support
    The Pro for Trello points format in titles (like |12|) is now also recognized as stars *12
  • Pin a card on top of a list
    Use a dot as the first character in the title (or immediately after the > or >>).
    Note: this works best in sorted lists; in non-sorted lists dragging other cards to another position is not working smooth anymore due to Trello’s positioning method.
  • TCO Public Trello board
    You can now let me know about bugs and feature requests on my public Trello board.
    Click on the TCO icon on the top right of the Chrome browser or browse directly to

Version 2.82
New feature
  • When using stars in the titles of cards (e.g. *4) the total number will be displayed in the list header.
    Starring can be used for Scrum poker, and the list header will show the workload as the total of all starred cards.

Version 2.81
  • All comments on the back of a card are now the same width (almost the same width as the card description).

Version 2.80
From this version on this changelog panel will be shown listing the bugfixes and new features since your last installed version.
I wanted to have a pro-active way to inform you about changes, which I implemented this way.
The panel will only be shown once, and will only show version changes from your last version up.

  • Sometimes cards were not properly resized if the ‘Automatically resize lists’ features was checked.
    This has been resolved.

Enjoy Trello Cards Optimizer and please post a review if you like it!