Monthly Archives: October 2019

Version 3.40

Improvement TCO sorting can now be enabled or disabled from the normal Trello list sorting menu, if you have the TCO ‘sort lists’ setting enabled.If you select another sort option… Read more »

Version 3.37

Improvement I realized that there might be users who prefer other extensions for hiding lists, and filtering cards.Although I think that TCO’s implementation is a very usefull one, I decided… Read more »

Version 3.35

Improvement The Hide lists selection panel now includes card counts. When card selections are active the total number of cards per list is shown below the list header.

Version 3.32

New features You can now jump directly to the Extension Global Settings page from the bottom left link in the TCO Board Settings page. When you use card headers, hashtags… Read more »

Version 3.30

New features You can now paste formatted text in card description and comments (beta).TCO will try its best to retain most or all of the formatting of Word, Google docs,… Read more »