Version 3.30

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New features

  • You can now paste formatted text in card description and comments (beta).
    TCO will try its best to retain most or all of the formatting of Word, Google docs, email, webpages etc.
    Spreadsheet tables will also be automatically transformed to TCO table markdown, although some inline formatting (bold, italic) will not always be preserved.
    TCO will work as before if the clipboard does only contains plain text, trying to transform tab delimited content to table markdown.
    (This feature is still under construction and might be improved or changed in the future, but since that has no consequences I decided to roll it out. I would appreciate your comments!)
  • In the <c: text coloring and c: background coloring markdown the rgb(###,###,###) format is now also supported.
    So you can color a text blue with <c:blue This is blue> or <c:0000ff This is also blue> or <c:rgb(0,0,255) This is just as blue>.
    (Not that I would recommend the rgb format, but I needed to support it for pasting rich content).
  • When you define a card backside width percentage in the global settings, a minimum width of 400 pixels will now also be applied.

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