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For the next version I’ve planned the following features:

  • List sorting per list from the regular Trello list menu, instead of entering excluded list names in the board specific TCO settings.
    Done, see here!
  • Hiding lists (also from the regular Trello list menu) by moving them to a slide down panel from where they can be unhidden again.
    And also done with additional bonus features! See here.

No promises, but I’m currently figuring out ways to do this in a user friendly way.
Let me know what you think by voting or leaving a comment in the blog.

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TCO blue button is all but wasted unless: it contains a link to users TRELLO account
It could also contain a link to “the last table visited” … last N tables visited …
Switch for turning TRELLO to “dark” would be a great (great) win
Big white popup about the latest features makes civilians scared to the point of uninstalling TCO.
Also “developers lingo” on the setup panel makes them scared too. One can imagine settings UI with “show advanced settings” button.

Not easy to fix department:
I have seen occasions when TCO is simply “not there”, but installed and working before. CTRL+F5 helps in that case.
Mobile TRELLO app is used by a lot of people … TCO is of course not there at all. TCO Mobile App is investment, I know …

TCO is great TRELLO CHROME extension. persevere and do not succumb 🙂

Troy D Schwartz

Love TCO. I can count on my hands the number of times I’ve posted, but you deserve it. Great job. Like the regular updates too.

You mentioned you are looking at ways to hide lists. I’m looking forward to what you come up with. I do also use “Collapsible Trello Lists”. I like that functionality. I like how you can easily see the lists, but also keep them out of the way. Just a thought.

Again – great job.