Version 3.34

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New features

  • On the bottom of the board there’s now a List selector to hide lists.
  • All the selection dropdowns on the bottom of the board are changed in multi-select panels, with a panel ‘clear all’ button and a global ‘reset’ button.
    The buttons are only shown when selections are active, and the main button for a specific panel is highlighted if selections are active in that panel.
    The active selections are saved and restored per board.
  • The multi-select panels show the total count for each item and if a selection is active, the visible count is also shown.


  • The minimum list width has been changed to 240px when the option ‘Resize lists if possible’ is checked.
    This prevents the button for Trello’s new beta ‘Template card’ feature next to the ‘+ Add a new card’ to move outside the lists right border.


  • The hashtags selection dropdown on the bottom of the board was shown whenever hashtags were detected, even if the ‘show #word as blue tags in title’ option was unchecked.
    This has been fixed.
  • Moving collapsed lists without cards sometimes messed up the board.

TIP: Clear your browser cache after the update using Ctrl-Shift-Delete.
Sometimes CSS styling isn’t refreshed properly without clearing the cache.

PS: I originally published Version 3.33 a little bit too soon.
Everything above is in 3.33, but the main buttons accidently weren’t hidden if no cards where found for that criteria.
All is working now in 3.34.

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