Version 3.40

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  • TCO sorting can now be enabled or disabled from the normal Trello list sorting menu, if you have the TCO ‘sort lists’ setting enabled.
    If you select another sort option the list name will be added to TCO’s sort excluded lists, and if you select the TCO sorting the list name will be removed from the excluded lists.

    You can check a global setting to decide if changes will be saved automatically.
    If you uncheck that option, switching boards will restore the original sort settings (inherited from the ‘excluded lists’ setting).
    If unchecked you can still save your list sort changes (the excluded lists) just by opening the TCO board settings menu and click Save.


  • Moving lists still sometimes messed up the board.
    This one was hard to reproduce and thus hard to find, I hope it’s fixed at last now!
    PS: please clear your browser cache (Ctrl-Shift-Delete).

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