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Wessel de Vries

For all of you who have been thinking the frequent updates of the last few weeks were a little too much, I have good news:
I’m leaving on holiday this Wednesday!

At an Egyptian all-in resort I will be doing absolutely nothing for 10 days but getting pampered, drinking cocktails, wining & dining and having a swim.

Egypt, here I come!

Don’t be jealous, because I’ve been working my ass off lately so I think I’ll deserve it.
I hope the recent updates have made TCO even better for y’all, and that you’ll have lots of fun using it.
On November 18 I’m back on the job again.

Look at those temperatures!

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Wessel de Vries



Heel fijne vakantie! Geniet ervan:-)


Geniet ervan! Zenuwslopend jaar achter de rug…

Prettige vakantie!