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Version 3.62

Bugfix Due to some Trello html changes the TCO button didn’t appear. This has been fixed in 3.62 which will be automatically updated in the next days.

Version 3.53

Change When you’ve enabled ‘Set card background color based on first label’ the background color for cards with labels is now slightly less pale.

Version 3.52

Bugfixes Some users reported that TCO automatically shifted the lists back to the left position when lists didn’t fit on the screen horizontally.This bug appeared when you had unchecked ‘Collapse… Read more »

Version 3.51

Bugfixes In table markdown the default column definition needed a : to support a nowrap =.So |= – – – | didn’t work, but |:= – – – | did.Now… Read more »

Version 3.50

Improvements Partially phased out jQuery for plain JavaScript to improve performance, board rendering is now at least twice as fast.I will eventually completely remove jQuery in future versions. Several minor… Read more »

Version 3.44

Bugfix When creating new cards with a header (pipe) in a sorted and grouped list the cards weren’t directly grouped and the bold header wasn’t hidden


For all of you who have been thinking the frequent updates of the last few weeks were a little too much, I have good news:I’m leaving on holiday this Wednesday!… Read more »

Version 3.42

Improvements Converting rich text format to markdown on paste can now be disabled in the global settings The related global setting ‘Remove colors on paste’ included an option to ‘Remove… Read more »

Version 3.41

Improvement TCO sorting in Trello’s list sort menu is now a toggle, which is switched off if it was on and vice versa.That way you can toggle between TCO sorting… Read more »