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  1. Amie

    couldn’t find where to send you a message or bug…but when I use the ? in title, I have an icon and the ? showing…

  2. Nick Winter

    Very cool extension – thanks!

    Question: is there a way in the “Color lists based on list names.” function to specify wildcards? (I have, for example, several lists titled, “Research project 1” “Research project 2” etc. I’d like to style all of the titles that begin with “Research”)

    Something like the jQuery selector ^= . . .

    1. Nick Winter

      OK, I should have experimented first … it looks like “Research*=lightblue” does exactly what I’d hoped!

  3. Ken

    Often, we want to enter a bulleted list of items in a table’s cell.

    In Jira for example, I can do the following the following TCO equivalent:
    | Header 1 | Header 2 |
    | Subject |
    1. item 1
    1. item 2
    1. item 3 |

    1. tco Post author

      I never had the need for it.
      But if more people ask for it, I’ll consider implementation.
      Thanks for your input, and I hope you like TCO anyway!

  4. pcheng

    Hey, first thanks for the awesome extension!! It’s really a swiss knife and I’ve removed bunch of other extensions 🙂
    Just an idea about list style, maybe it would be more convenient to apply the list style by adding them in the name of list like card styles, instead of putting them in options.

    1. tco Post author

      Thanks for your compliment.
      Regarding list style: I don’t want it in the list title, since this is very annoying when viewing Trello without using Chrome.
      But I’ve been thinking to implement it in the normal list menu (where also sorting can be found).
      Very busy at the moment, but it’s on my list!

  5. Siq

    It is possible to add a function like “Epic cards by Screenfull” power-up in your chrome extention?

    1. tco Post author

      I’m afraid not. The features in Epic cards require it to be a power-up and TCO is an extension.
      But hey, both are free. So use them both!

  6. Siq

    How can I config a card background to this “old paper” like the pic on your site?

    1. tco Post author

      That’s the Power-Up called Card Aging.
      Search for it in the power-ups on the Board menu.

  7. Siq

    Could you change the caracter “|” or “||” for title header and “[brackets]” for subtitle below title so it will not conflict with Pro4Trello filters please.

    1. tco Post author

      Sorry, but I won’t do that.
      Why would you need Pro4Trello anyway?
      Nearly all of its features (and a lot more) are included in TCO.
      I developed TCO coming from Pro4Trello myself, since I didn’t see enough new progress from them.
      So if you disable Pro4Trello there’s almost nothing you need to change in your card titles; TCO takes over most of it.

      1. Siq

        So include the filter option Pro4Trello have please:

        – Hide lists
        – filter Category
        – Filter Tags
        – Filter #Hashtags

        It is the only features I need to use and find only on Pro4Trello, but really liked TCO and really want to use only TCO.

        1. tco Post author

          Why don’t you just use Trello’s filtering for all those three?
          Since these are all in the title, Trello’s filtering works like a charm.
          Board menu -> Search cards.
          I’ll consider adding Hide lists as an option.

          1. Siq

            Thank you,
            but the Trello filter just shows cards on a search box, but the Pro4Trello shows the results in the respective lists (by hiding the other cards).

            Could you also consider adding the function by group cards using “|” but not sorting them by priority? We could use a Header card to separete cards inside the group

          2. tco Post author

            Do not use Trello’s global search (the search box on the left above the board name), but use Board menu -> Search cards (on the right of the board).
            This does exactly what you want; it only searches the current board and hides other cards from the lists.

          3. Siq

            Thank you!

            The diference od the Board menu -> Search cards and the filters from Pro4Trello is that when I click on filter category button (example) it shows a combobox with the list of “categories” that exists on cards.

        2. Siq

          My company stop use TCO, and prefer to use Pro4Trello just because they have the bottom bar where shows a list of existing (in use) tags, categories, #hashtags, priorities and list to choose and filter showing cards.

          Could you please implement some similar in TCO in order I propose my company to change and start to use TCO again 🙂

          1. tco Post author

            I’m sorry to hear that.
            There will always be other extensions that implement features you like, and TCO does not support.
            But why not use both?
            You can disable all the features you don’t want TCO to perform in the global settings.

          2. Siq

            We tried to use both, but was conflicts, and some functions dos not working. The page try constantly to update and changes.

          3. tco Post author

            Pro4Trello does not only conflict with TCO, but also with other broadly used extensions like Plus for Trello and more.
            So the reason is probably Pro4Trello itself, therefore I’m not going to look into that.
            Keep following my site, maybe sometime in the future TCO’s got enough for your teams needs.

  8. Gregg


    I read your instructions for setting the width of a list, but I’m not getting it to work. I don’t think I have any other Chrome extensions that affect list width, so I HOPE there are no conflicts.

    The only place I’ve found where I might be able to enter CSS code is on the Settings page under “Color lists based on list names.” Is that the right place to put it? If so, is there something wrong with my syntax?

    Sync=lavender, Done=lightyellow, info=”width:600px”

    And if the syntax is okay… does that mean there’s a conflict with another extension?


    1. tco Post author

      Your syntax is fine, but I see that Trello also has a max width for cards (300px).
      That means that if you disable TCO “automatic list resizing” TCO doesn’t limit the size anymore, but Trello does!
      I’ll see if I can do something to give you an extra css option.

      1. Gregg

        Thanks for doing that. For all I know, another extension might be messing things up, but right now my max is 400 — as long as automatic list resizing is checked. If not, the width stays at about 250.

        A width of 400 is still pretty good — this board has a single list from which I route cards to other boards, so I’m not worried about moving other lists off the board, etc.


        1. tco Post author

          You should already have 3.24 (and I just published 3.25).
          Can you confirm that the issue is fixed?

          1. Gregg

            Sorry for the delay in responding.

            Unfortunately, the issue doesn’t seem to be fixed. I suspect there’s a conflict.

          2. tco Post author

            The issue was resolved by clearing the browser cache with Ctrl-Shift-Delete

  9. Jochem Kroon

    Question: do you know if it would be possible at all to have the Title of a card show the first item of the checklist on that card?
    If not with TCO, then somewhere else?
    I am looking for this because I want my android and iOS to show the first item of the checklist on the front of the card. At the moment it doesn’t.
    However with the Next Step extension in Chrome it does show what I need, but then it doesn’t translate to the apps.

    1. tco Post author

      I haven’t seen any extension or Trello Power-Up that does that.
      In any case a Chrome extension won’t cover it, since that indeed doesn’t work in apps.


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