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Karen Landreth

I bounce back and forth using Trello in general. I only use it for personal stuff; not work related…yet. However, when I do use it, I find myself looking for ways to do things. I was very excited to stumble up TCO this week. I’ve been playing with it for the last couple of days. I noticed something today, but I don’t know if it’s my own ineptitude or a TINY bug.

I was quite intrigued by the \n option for card “titles”. Worked like a champ. Puts all my information front and center. However, I did notice that if you combine the \n with a URL, the URL must come last. It seems that if you put a URL on a line (doesn’t matter where), then put a \n blah blah blah behind it, the blah blah blah never shows up. Not THAT big of a deal; just curious.

Naomi Santiago

Is there a version of this extension that will work on the Trello mobile app?


Have been using TCO and after much wrestling was able to get a table to appear in the Description field. My table has ~15 rows and a scroll bar.

Is there any way to get the table to display full length without a scroll bar the way long text makes the box expand?


This is a great extension, thank you so much for it! I sent you a few euros as appreciation..

I have one question – I cannot figure out how to make the sorting work. In the options, it says it should sort by “due date, priority, title”. I assume in that order. But if I enable sorting by TCO, the list is sorted by title alphabetically. Is there any way to actually have TCO sort the list by due date automatically?



Inserting a “.” at the beginning of a card should not force it to be at the top. The border is a nice feature, but the fact that I cant move it where I want makes it useless. Also, being able to specify how much vertical space there is between cards (similar to Pro for Trello’s “Compact Board” setting: would be an awesome addition! A truly amazing extension nonetheless. Thank you very much 🙂

Carlos Duarte

Hi, I love this extension. I would like to know if you could define the transparency of the bottom of the card based on the label?

See that the colors are very “light”, but I would like to make them more “strong”.


Hi! How do you change the color of a list that has spaces in the name?


Is it possible to use CSS Styles for Lists to change the list Name text? for example, change the color from default black to blue or add italics or bold, etc?

Thank you!


OK. Thank you for the clarification. Regards, Jeff


Is there any possibility of having this available for Firefox as well as Chrome?


Sounds good. Thanks for the reply!