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I’ve noticed that the board-specific TCO icon is no longer showing. Is this a result of some new google chrome version issue? Thank you – love this extension.


Hello, everytime I make changes in my TCO, it removes the option from Trello and I have to log out of my account and back in. Anything I can do to fix this?


Thank you for the bug fix on my prior comment! 🙂


Follow up to initial post: The global setting for “Back card width” does influence the alignment of button labels. It probably varies based on your custom card button labels, maybe only when you have one that is greater in length than the standard buttons, as responsive sizing is being done with CSS. For me, setting “Back card width” to 38% is as low as I can go to keep the buttons to the left of the content. The button labels are truncated this way, however. If I wish to avoid button label truncation or I wish to go higher than 38% for the back card width (which I do) then the tradeoff is that the buttons go under all card content. It would be nice to enhance the intent of this setting so that it will always keep the buttons to the right (I assume; I am not considering other localizations) when giving more width to the card content area.


I really like TCO however there is an issue that I can’t seem to resolve. The command buttons of a Trello card are below the content of the card now. It does not seem to matter what settings I use. The mere enablement of the TCO extension causes this behavior.

I am trying to include screenshots to show the issue but this is not working on this form.


Tco lately gives a error.
All right side buttons are moved to last on card, after activity comments. Chrome and ms Edge .
Deactivating it in browser removes the fault.
Disabling TCO in TCO settings doesnt remove the fault

Hara Jang

Hi, I find this extension very useful.

Can you edit the content.js file

As is
if (window.wjaoptions.openCardWidth && parseInt(window.wjaoptions.openCardWidth)!==NaN) {
var style = $(‘<style>.window-overlay .window {min-width: 400px;width: ‘ + window.wjaoptions.openCardWidth + ‘%;} .card-detail-window .window-main-col {width: 75%;}</style>’);
$(‘html > head’).append(style);

To be
if (window.wjaoptions.openCardWidth && parseInt(window.wjaoptions.openCardWidth)!==NaN) {
var style = $(‘<style>.window-overlay .window {min-width: 400px;width: ‘ + window.wjaoptions.openCardWidth + ‘%;} .card-detail-window .window-main-col {width: 70%;}</style>’);
$(‘html > head’).append(style);

It looks weird because the screen width doesn’t match.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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TCO recently started putting the the Right Side button all the way to the bottom. I’ve disabled TCO because of this. Is there a way to change it back?

Karen Landreth

Is anyone having issues with clickable links actually working? I thought they were working, but now whenever I click on a link, another instance of Trello is opened.


Hi, there.
I love the TCO very much, especially the table features.
I’ve noticed whenever I use a table, the first Jira link seems always broken. (Please see attached)
Please let me know if it’s just a one-off, I’m doing something wrong, or there’s a workaround.

Thank you.