List options

Options that can be set for list enhancement:

  • Set card background color based on first label
  • Show Trello card numbers (except for separators)
  • Show counts for uncompleted checklist items red (global extension setting)
  • Remove Trello’s “Add new list” column
  • Automatically collapse empty lists
  • Automatically resize lists if possible
  • Automatically sort cards in list on due date priority, exclamation (!, !!, !!!) priority, title header and name (lists can be excluded based on list names, or specify sorting in Trello’s list menu)
  • In sorted lists cards can optionally be grouped together on title headers
  • Set background color for lists (or even css styling) based on list names

List styling explanation
You can define background colors or even css styles for lists based on the list name (enter multiple list names separated by a | pipe).
If you just specify a colorname, it is used as the background color.
But if you want to use css styles, you must specify them between double quotations marks.


inbox=paleturquoise, todo=powderblue, busy|doing=gold, ready=lightgreen, info="width:150px;background-color:cyan;border:2px dotted black"

If you specify a css with a ‘width:###px’, the list is excluded from the ‘Collapse empty lists’ and ‘Automatically resize lists if possible’.

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