Sorting lists

TCO sorting sorts cards in list based on due date priority, exclamation (!, !!, !!!) priority, title header and name.
You need to enable the global or board specific setting ‘Sort lists based on priority etc’ to use it.
Lists can be excluded in the settings based on list names, or specify sorting in Trello’s list menu.

When you visit a board the default sorting will be set based on the global or board specific settings.
But in Trello’s list menu you can select any sorting you want, and TCO sorting is also available there.
If you select another sort option the list name will be added to TCO’s sort excluded lists in the board specific settings, and if you select the TCO sorting the list name will be removed from the excluded lists in the board specific settings.

TCO list sorting on due date, priority, header and title can be enabled or disabled from the standard Trello sort menu
TCO priority list sorting is included in the standard Trello ‘Sort Lists’ menu

TCO sorting in Trello’s list sort menu is a toggle menu, which is switched off if it was on and vice versa.
That way you can toggle between TCO sorting and the original Trello sorting without changing it.
The menu item ‘Trello Cards Optimizer’ title is bold if TCO sorting is active.

With a global setting you can decide if changes you make this way will be saved automatically.
If you uncheck that option, switching boards will restore the original sort settings (inherited from the ‘excluded lists’ setting).
If unchecked you can still save your list sort changes (the excluded lists) just by opening the TCO board settings menu and click Save.

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