Copy and paste formatted text

Unfortunately, when pasting text from an email, a webpage or a rich text editor (like Microsoft Word or Google Documents) Trello does not preserve formatting.
When you copy and paste plain text, Trello’s markdown recreates numbered and unordered lists.
But that’s about it.

But here’s TCO to the rescue!
In the card description and comments you can paste formatted text with most of the formatting preserved.
If you perform the paste TCO will check whether the clipboard contains a HTML representation of the copied text, and will then convert it to markdown.
If you don’t like pasting formatted text, the feature can be turned off in TCO’s Global Settings.

The following formatting will be converted:

  • Styling
    • bold
    • italic
    • strikethrough
  • text color (see explanation below)
  • hyperlinks with or without descriptive text
  • headers
  • tables
  • nested ordered and unordered lists

You can copy/paste formatted text from various applications, like Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel, Google Mail, Documents and Spreadsheets, webpages and more.
The quality of the conversion varies depending on the application.

Paste formatted text
Paste formatted text in description and comments

Some tech-talk about TCO’s color mapping
When you paste formatted colored text the conversion depends on the global setting ‘Combine colors that differ less than …%’.
You can enter a percentage that will be used in comparing colors.
All text colors are grouped based on the nearest primary color. The primary colors are magenta, yellow, cyan, red, green and blue.
Then all colors with the same primary color and with saturation and lightness within the specified percentage will be considered equal and thus combined. 
A percentage value of 0% will keep all colors, a value of 100% will remove all colors.
The default setting of 50% does a fairly decent job.

Paste plain text
You can force TCO to use the plain text instead of the HTML formatted version by holding down the Shift key during paste (Ctrl-Shift-V). Google Chrome also has a “Paste without formatting” option in the context menu that will have the same effect.

If you hold down the Shift key or if the clipboard only contains plain text TCO will look for tabs in the text. When there’s a tab structure that can be converted to TCO table markdown, TCO will ask you if you want to create a table.
If such a tab structure does not exist, or if you don’t want TCO to create tables, TCO will convert every tab to 4 spaces.

NOTE: TCO will never use the formatted clipboard or create tables when you paste something in a fenced code block (text in between ```).

PS: I can’t find a way to let Trello know the text has been modified, so you’ll always have to enter an additional return yourself to show the “Save” button. If anybody has a hint for me, I’d be very grateful!

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