Category: Bugfix

Version 3.51

Bugfixes In table markdown the default column definition needed a : to support a nowrap =.So |= – – – | didn’t work, but |:= – – – | did.Now… Read more »

Version 3.44

Bugfix When creating new cards with a header (pipe) in a sorted and grouped list the cards weren’t directly grouped and the bold header wasn’t hidden

Version 3.40

Improvement TCO sorting can now be enabled or disabled from the normal Trello list sorting menu, if you have the TCO ‘sort lists’ setting enabled.If you select another sort option… Read more »

Version 3.24

Bugfix Lists with css styling “width:400px” or more in the “Color lists based on list names” didn’t show wider than 400px, due to Trello’s list styling.This has been fixed.NOTE: when… Read more »

Version 3.22

Bugfix The Remove, Cancel and Save buttons in the TCO settings popup were positioned below eachother instead of next to eachother.

Version 3.21

Bugfix TCO didn’t work in the ‘My cards’ section, and stopped working in boards after ‘My cards’ had been selected.This has been fixed.