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Version 3.62

Bugfix Due to some Trello html changes the TCO button didn’t appear. This has been fixed in 3.62 which will be automatically updated in the next days.

Version 3.53

Change When you’ve enabled ‘Set card background color based on first label’ the background color for cards with labels is now slightly less pale.

Version 3.52

Bugfixes Some users reported that TCO automatically shifted the lists back to the left position when lists didn’t fit on the screen horizontally.This bug appeared when you had unchecked ‘Collapse… Read more »


For all of you who have been thinking the frequent updates of the last few weeks were a little too much, I have good news:I’m leaving on holiday this Wednesday!… Read more »

Version 3.35

Improvement The Hide lists selection panel now includes card counts. When card selections are active the total number of cards per list is shown below the list header.

TCO’s brand new website!

I just finished creating this website for TCO and I’m happy to expose my Trello extension to the online community.Hopefully you all like the site and especially the TCO extension…. Read more »