Category: Improvement

Version 3.50

Improvements Partially phased out jQuery for plain JavaScript to improve performance, board rendering is now at least twice as fast.I will eventually completely remove jQuery in future versions. Several minor… Read more »

Version 3.42

Improvements Converting rich text format to markdown on paste can now be disabled in the global settings The related global setting ‘Remove colors on paste’ included an option to ‘Remove… Read more »

Version 3.41

Improvement TCO sorting in Trello’s list sort menu is now a toggle, which is switched off if it was on and vice versa.That way you can toggle between TCO sorting… Read more »

Version 3.40

Improvement TCO sorting can now be enabled or disabled from the normal Trello list sorting menu, if you have the TCO ‘sort lists’ setting enabled.If you select another sort option… Read more »

Version 3.37

Improvement I realized that there might be users who prefer other extensions for hiding lists, and filtering cards.Although I think that TCO’s implementation is a very usefull one, I decided… Read more »