Global and board specific settings

The default (global) settings can be set in the extension’s options page, accessible from the Chrome ‘Manage extensions’ menu, or just by right-clicking on the little cyan Tco menu on the right in the Chrome address bar and selecting ‘Options’.

These default extension settings are global for all boards and can be overridden per board.

TCO global settings
Trello Cards Optimizer global settings

When you want to change some of the settings for a specific board, click on the Tco logo on the top right of the Trello board.
This brings up the specific board settings page.

TCO board settings
Trello Cards Optimizer supports global as well as board specific settings

You can change one or more settings and click ‘Save’ to create board specific settings for the current board only.

Trello board specific settings
Nearly all global settings can be overruled per board

Please note that all settings that are not changed will default to the global setting.
Board specific settings are colored blue, so you can see in a glance what’s changed.
If you want to remove the board specific settings, reset them and Save or just click ‘Remove’.

Tip: you can go directly to the Global Settings page by clicking the link on the bottom left of a Board Settings page.

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