TCO Help

Of course you can go to this website if you want to lookup a TCO feature.
It describes everything TCO can do, supported by screenshots for extra clarification.
But all TCO markdown features are also explained in the inline Help as a quick reference.

The TCO help is available from within Trello in two places.
First of all, you can click on the Tco logo on the top right of the Trello board.
This brings up the specific board settings page, with a flashing ‘Show help’ on the top right.
Click on that to show the help section.

Trello help in options
Trello Cards Optimizer help in the Tco settings window

And second, you can click the Formatting Help button while editing a card description.
TCO Help is fully integrated in Trello’s Formatting Help window.

Trello help in formatting description
Trello Cards Optimizer help integrated in Trello’s Formatting Help

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