TCO is a Chrome web extension for Trello, and does not transfer data in any way from your computer outbound.
Here is a list of things TCO doesn’t do:

  • TCO does NOT show ads
  • TCO does NOT store or even transmit any of your personal data to us or a third party
  • TCO does NOT store any of your data outside your device, except by using Googles own secure Chrome sync storage

Security of your data

All the TCO data is inside Chrome sync storage, and therefore synced between Chrome browsers logged on with the same Google account.
This data is not visible by or available or transferred to us or anyone else.
No other data transfer occurs.

Permissions for the Chrome extension 

The TCO extension permissions are configured to the minimum possible. When TCO would ever requests more permissions, Chrome will always ask you to accept or deny the permission.

The permissions when you add the extension are:

  • “Read and change you data on”, a must so TCO can insert itself inside pages.

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